Mary Beth Fielder on MSNBC

MTALA's Mary Beth Fielder on MSNBC Dylan Ratigan

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3 Responses to Mary Beth Fielder on MSNBC

  1. Del Whan says:

    Will you take this to the LA County Bd of Supervisors also?

    All the best!

  2. Congratulations to Move to Amend and Mary Beth Fielder.

    You go girl.


  3. annette hache says:

    the spanish encapadas in madrid demand Real Democracy now; we are not goods to be used by politicians and bankers. I’m with occupy boston and would like to have this as a demand even though most occupiers seem to be against demands that can be co-opted by the ‘system’. I am not a purist and I think that what you are doing is crucial to the occupy movement worldwide. thanks

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